Customs Brokerage

Twinlink Logistics is a leading Customs brokerage Services with licenses issued by the Government of India.. With our vast subject matter expertise, particularly in terms of knowledge of policy/tariff , coupled with our quality of service, we are confident of occupying the number one slot, in the nearest foreseeable future.

The very basis for efficient customs broker as per our definition is ‘knowing the product and matching this knowledge of the product with the continuous changes in policies’.

The next step involves advising customers on potential liability issues followed by ‘documentation’ for total Government compliance. At Twinlink Logistics it is our constant endeavor to formulate a trusting relationship with our customer , which holds the key to success in customs brokerage.

To enable the same, we follow a systematic approach. For each customer, we create a manual consisting of product specification and policies applicable and continuously revise to suit the changes in product profile and policy. Landed cost is monitored for duty, insurance and freight. We specialize in submitting customized reports, i.e.,, Cycle time charts, landed cost reports, etc,

We get your imports and exports cleared and ensure quicker delivery , with our expertise in Customs brokerage Services.Whether it is high volume goods or regular container based cargo, Twinlink Logistics has the apt, logistic service for you. Contact us today, for your Customs brokerage Services requirements.